Homemade Chicken Nuggets

I thought I'd give it a try, homemade chicken nuggets. I really didn't know if it'd be worth the effort (so many small pieces of chicken!) and I really didn't ...

Buffalo Chicken Salad

  I LOVE this dish! It's great served as a salad, but it could also be put on a bun and served as a sandwich. It isn't hot, so no ...

Lime Chicken

LIME CHICKEN!!!! IT LOOKS AND TASTES DELICIOUS.....so delicious that the two times I've made it I have forgotten to take pictures of it! I will make it again sometime I ...


5 Things You DON’T Need In Your Kitchen

Ok, I suppose I will put the disclaimer first. If I mention ...

Comfort Food Can Be Healthy

When I think about comfort foods I think of noodles and cheese. ...

Bacon and Greens Side Dish

Ok, I called this "Bacon and Greens Side Dish" so you wouldn't ...

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Pesto Pepperoni Chicken Roll

This is one of those meals that looks fancy, time consuming, maybe even over the top. When you taste it it is so delicious that you are sure that it IS fancy, time consuming, and over the top. I have a secret for you though, the only thing about this dish that you have to […]

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Pork Meatloaf

This is not that pretty to look at, I am very aware. It is, however, delicious to sink your teeth into! When you plate it with a salad a piece of bread or another vegetable it really doesn’t look so…well…”meatloafy.”

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