Crock Pot Pork Tacos

Everyone loves a good crock pot meal; something full of flavor and simple. This is a great, low prep crock pot meal that really will deliver. This is a great ...

Sweet and Hot Sausage Sandwich

My husband and I like to create sandwiches and see if we can impress each other. When I asked him if he thought they were good (we weren't able to ...

Three Cheese Pizza

I'm not a cheese pizza kind of a gal. I like my pizza topped with all sorts of vegetables and meat...usually. I decided to try out something a little different ...


Fruit and Nut Trailmix

Every year my family takes a two week vacation "out west" to ...

Video: How to Cut Watermelon Watermelon Spears

It's summer time!!!! This is an awesome way to cut your watermelon and ...

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

  With all this cold weather (thank heavens it's over! - for ...

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Meal Plan

Meal Plan includes 5 meals for a family of four. Occasionally there will be a meal that is large, I’ll try to create those leftovers into a new meal for you, but sometimes there will just simply be leftovers (and I’ll make a note of it to give you a heads up)! I will give […]

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My Favorite Marinades

I love marinades. They are great to put together in the morning to have later that night, or even put together and throw in the freezer. As you thaw the meat out all the flavors get into the meat and flavors it wonderfully! I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite marinades so […]

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Comfort Food Can Be Healthy

When I think about comfort foods I think of noodles and cheese. Two things that my body doesn’t agree with on a regular basis, not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t consider a consistent diet of noodles and cheese to be particularly healthy. Therefore, I find myself in a dilemma. It’s freezing outside, I want […]

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Happy New Years Eve

*Photo from I wanted to give you a fun food idea to bring in the New Year. So, naturally I thought that making your own fortune cookies and writing your own fortunes was the best idea ever!!! If any of you know me, this is fitting, if you don’t know me, to give you an […]

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Christmas Breakfast Ideas

My family always had a huge Christmas Eve dinner, and then we had  huge Christmas Day breakfast. We never did a Christmas day dinner. So naturally I have a ton of Christmas breakfast ideas!

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Rice Pudding

Every Christmas growing up my mom made rice pudding. To be honest, as a kid I didn’t really like it. I would eat it every year though in honor of the tradition. When I eat it now, however, I wonder how I never liked it!!! It’s the most delicious, wonderful, creamy dish ever.

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Christmas Ham Glaze

Ham is my family’s meat of choice for our Christmas Eve meal. I know a lot of families do a Christmas Day feast but in my family growing up, we always did our big meal on Christmas Eve. We keep that tradition going. We like just being able to eat left overs on Christmas day and relax! […]

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Swirled Sugar Cookie

I’ve shared my sister’s softest sugar cookie recipe with you before. It is such an easy recipe as far as sugar cookies go. No need to refrigerate the dough or anything. Plus, they really do turn out soft…every time!

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