Build Your Thanksgiving Meal

Here is your one stop shop for putting together a super delicious Thanksgiving menu! Take your pick out of each of the categories below. You will be sure to find the ...

Apple Sage Stuffing

  This recipe is derived from my mom's wonderfully delicious stuffing recipe. It's pretty close to hers except I added apples and the celery/onion ratio is a little different. Any ...

Jerk Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes! I love them simply baked served with butter, I loved them mashed, I love them sliced, and in any other form you can think of. My husband, ...


Sweet Cranberry Sauce

I love making my own cranberry sauce, I have tried many different ...

Herbed Green Beans

This is so simple you will wonder why you never thought of ...

Ben’s Pie Crust

My brother came home from cross country practice one day with a ...

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Christmas Treats Kids Can Make

Christmas is such a wonderful time to make memories! I am so blessed to have a childhood full of wonderful memories in the kitchen of my home. Now that I’m a parent I make sure to take the time to create those same type of memories for my children. If you don’t have children of […]

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Christmas Breakfast Ideas

My family always had a huge Christmas Eve dinner, and then we had  huge Christmas Day breakfast. We never did a Christmas day dinner. So naturally I have a ton of Christmas breakfast ideas!

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Winter Beef Stew

I made this stew this week and I was definitely satisfied. I was excited to eat it despite that I was expecting my husband would most likely say “it’s ok” and only eat one bowl (he’s doesn’t usually go for things that have broth involved as a main ingredient). We ate a serving and he […]

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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

  With all this cold weather (thank heavens it’s over! – for now…) I decided to post a recipe that would allow me to drown my longing for spring in its extreme deliciousness. The recipe I chose was posted by my friend Michelle on her blog The Funny Tummy Cafe. Michelle has a similar Celiac story to me […]

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Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Hasn’t sister week been great??? 5 awesome recipes from 5 awesome ladies. To finish off sister week, my sister Amy is sharing her husbands recipe. These two are always putting together delicious food….ALWAYS! Every time we have eaten there I have always loved everything they’ve made for us. I’m so glad to live close to […]

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Bow Tie Pasta Chicken Salad

Bow tie pasta combined with spinach, cranberries, honey roasted peanuts, chicken, fresh parsley, and a homemade sweet teriyaki dressing…need I say more??? This salad is SO GOOD!  My mom makes this all the time when she is hosting us. First off, it makes a ton, so its great because it will either last throughout the weekend, or […]

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Fruit and Nut Trailmix

Every year my family takes a two week vacation “out west” to visit my husband’s family and friends in Utah.  And since we can’t afford to fly, we drive.  We usually break the 24 hour drive up into a couple days, the first being the longer of the two stretches on the road.  Yes, that […]

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