Pesto Pepperoni Chicken Roll

This is one of those meals that looks fancy, time consuming, maybe even over the top. When you taste it it is so delicious that you are sure that it ...

Jerk Seasoned Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes! I love them simply baked served with butter, I loved them mashed, I love them sliced, and in any other form you can think of. My husband, ...

My Favorite Chicken Broth Based Soups

Chicken broth does not have to be the base of simply chicken noodle soup. There are probably literally hundreds of soups that use chicken broth as the base and you ...


Comfort Food Can Be Healthy

When I think about comfort foods I think of noodles and cheese. ...

Bacon and Greens Side Dish

Ok, I called this "Bacon and Greens Side Dish" so you wouldn't ...

Celebrate with Pizza

You can do anything with pizza to make an event special. From ...

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Pork Meatloaf

This is not that pretty to look at, I am very aware. It is, however, delicious to sink your teeth into! When you plate it with a salad a piece of bread or another vegetable it really doesn’t look so…well…”meatloafy.”

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Broccoli Salad

I know Broccoli Salad is nothing new, but this is my version derived from the version that I had in the cookbook my sister made for me. All broccoli salads seem to have the same basic ingredients, but amounts vary thus making them vary quite a bit. I made this and it was such a […]

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR PUMPKIN SEEDS!!!!! Once you try this simple recipe you will never toss pumpkin seeds again. My mom always made these when I was a kid. Remember how I’m one on 9 kids? Yeah, we had a lot of pumpkin seeds every year, and my mom put them to good use.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a high standard for chocolate chip cookies. My BFF Brooke’s mom makes the best cookies. To this day when I visit her mom I request her cookies. They are the only chocolate chip cookies I like to eat warm and that I will eat until I feel sick…and then eat more. I don’t […]

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