Celebrate with Pizza

IMG_7696You can do anything with pizza to make an event special. From making specialty pizza’s to simply using a different shaped pan than what is normal for your family will make this meal seem fun and unique.

For Valentine’s Day I have a couple of heart shaped cake pans that I decided to try out for pizza. They don’t make the pizza look totally like a heart once you take them out of the pan, but it’s still a fun idea and everyone enjoys it!

Ideas of ways to Celebrate with Pizza

  • Use a different shaped pan than normal. This could be using a large rectangle jelly roll pan, an 8 inch  round cake pan, using a cupcake pan to make mini pizzas, or any other pan you have in your house.
  • Arrange toppings into a letter or picture. We went to Chicago recently and my son got a kids pepperoni pizza, they formed little ears on top of the pizza with the dough and made a face out of olives, a tomato, and a slice of red pepper. It was so cute! You could easily form someone’s initial our of pepperoni’s or any other topping! IMG_7756
  • Make a specialty pizza! Step away from your traditional red sauce and mozzarella to try something unique for a special occasion! Search through my “I Love Pizza” category for plenty of ideas!!!