How To Brine A Turkey

I’m going to post some of the recipes and techniques that I am going to be trying out this year! I figured it’s no use to tell you about all of the wonderful things I did for Thanksgiving ¬†after the fact, so hopefully this will give you a few ideas to make your thanksgiving the best ever, every year!

I hate dry meat, and I don’t think I’ve ever really had moist turkey. I usually make turkey out of tradition though I would prefer ham. I have gotten great at making cranberry sauce, and equally good at smothering the turkey with it! I am hoping to change that this year by brining my turkey! A brine is basically a water/salt/vegetable/herb mixture. You then soak the turkey in it for at least 12 hours. It is supposed to give it a lot of moisture and a lot of flavor, the two things (in my opinion) a turkey needs!

I found this great video that shows you exactly what to do! I’m SO excited to try it out.

p.s. ALWAYS keep a meat thermometer near by when you are roasting your turkey (or any meat for that matter). This will be another huge asset in your efforts to prevent a dry turkey. 165-170 degrees when inserted in the turkey breast is when you’ll want to take it out, even if your oven timer says otherwise!