Lemon Thumb Print Cookies

This fabulous recipe comes from my sister’s website wightbunch.blogspot.com¬†She has awesome cookie recipes on her site. So if you want more than what I’m sharing with you here this week, look there!

Before I say anything else, just so you know, this recipe is the second of two recipes on the post I’m linking you to. So simply scroll down to find your lemon thumb print cookies. That being said….

I LOVE THESE COOKIES! I love lemon cookies, and these are great because you can put your favorite jam to pair with that lemon flavor (I like to use raspberry). These are one of those cookies that I think are going to be really complicated, and look fancy, but they really aren’t too hard to make. The only thing that stands out to me that takes a little longer than a regular cookie is filling the centers with jam…but it’s so worth it! So try it. Go HERE to get this fabulous recipe, and don’t forget to checkout the rest of wightbunch.blogspot.com