Meal Planning Week 4

Meal planning for week four has a few traditional dishes along with a few “citrus-ey” dishes, all of which you and your family are sure to enjoy! Once again, I’ll remind you that I have side dish suggestions with most of the dishes. A grocery list with what you will need to make all of the main dishes, a cupboard ingredient list of things that you will most likely already

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have in your cupboard (but make sure to look over it, just in case you don’t have something), and then I added a side dish grocery list if you want to use my side dish suggestions. Don’t forget the two for one meal option I have! You can make the meat for two dishes in one night so that the second night of cooking will be even easier! No Bake Shepherds Pie To make two for one dishes out of No Bake Shepherds Pie and Baked Ravioli brown the meat for both the ravioli and the pie. Reserve half the meat for the ravioli dish. Baked Ravioli, tossed salad Lime Chicken, pico de gallo Mini Meat Loaf, Herbed green beans Fast and Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken, Steamed Broccolii

Grocery List
3 lbs chicken breasts
2 lbs ground beef
1 lb ground turkey
2-3 large limes
3 onions
quick oats
2 Tomato Basil Spaghetti Sauce*
mushrooms, spinach, or zuchinni
8 oz mozzarella cheese
frozen corn
frozen peas
1 can chicken broth
butter (only need 3 Tablespoons)
cheddar cheese
potatoes (only need enough to make 4 cups chopped)
Cupboard ingredients:
olive oil
dried oregano
yellow mustard
worcestershire sauce
black pepper
dried basil
dried parsely
dried thyme
garlic powder
onion powder

Side dish Grocery List: 1 tossed salad 2 large tomatoes 1 small onion 2 bell peppers cilantro Fresh or frozen green beans fresh or frozen brocolli