If I am not the one that takes the picture, I make sure and let you know! 99% of the photos on my site are taken by me. Please ask before you use my pictures by emailing me at All I ask in return is that you put a link to my website beneath the posted photo, letting people know that is where the photo is from.

I give credit where credit is due. I link to other websites if I use their recipes or if it is a submitted recipe I let you know that it’s not a DinnerForEeveryone original. If there is nothing specifically stated about the origin of the recipe you can assume that it is a DFE original.

If you like a recipe and want to share it, feel free to post the title of my recipe and the picture along with a link to the recipe leading to my site AND mention my website name in the credits of the recipe. Action can and will be taken if you are found violating this privacy statement.

Like I said, I give credit where credit is due and expect the same!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests at