Sharing Farmers Market Week on PSL


I was on Paula Sands Live again this week!¬†They named the segment “Garden to Table Meal” which was fitting for this week since I shared dishes that all had main ingredients bought from the farmers market! I was able to share all of my dishes that I posted this week in a 5 minute segment. It was really fun to do, and hopefully it’s fun for you to watch.

I have been having a great time going over to the KWQC studio and am becoming a veteran to the PSL show. It’s really nice, all of the connections I’m making and the people I am meeting. The response from you all has been even better! I’ve loved being able to connect with you all through video and am planning on doing a lot more of it in the future!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the segment I had on the Paula Sands Live show click on the link below, under the video box that is on the page you’ll see that you can scroll right or left to other segments. My segment was done on 8/13 and is called “Garden to Table Meal”