Snack Week!

I have gotten multiple requests from people this summer for healthy snack ideas. This week I am finally delivering! I will have not only ideas of different snacks you can have around the house, but I will be giving you tips on how and where to store your snacks so they are easily accessible to everyone in the family!

The time when I eat the most unhealthy is not at meal time. The meals that I cook are nice and healthy, but at those times between meals when I just need something to hold me over is when I scrounge and end up eating chocolate chips…or tortilla chips…or whatever.¬†We try not to have a lot of processed foods in our house anyway, but I still end up finding something junky to eat.

Since we have revamped our snack system it has been loads better! I hope to be able to share these different ideas with you this week so you can keep your home healthy, even during snack time!