Snacks: How to make snack time fast, easy, and Healthy!

My sisters enlightened me with a few things that help their families make snack time and making lunches fast, easy, and healthy. I thought these ideas were FANTASTIC and have started using them in my house too. Even though I don’t have to make school lunches for my kids yet, these tips and tricks are very applicable to ANYONE WHO EATS FOOD!

Tip #1 PACK SNACKS FOR A WEEK (make it a family activity)

My sister takes Sunday nights to pack all of the kids snacks and food for lunches for the whole week. The kids help, of course! Everyone gathers in the kitchen and out comes the carrots, string cheese, and whatever else they want for the week. I do this type of thing after I go grocery shopping. Sometimes, though, I don’t feel like doing all of that stuff after I’ve just unpacked a huge load of groceries. Choosing a day to pull all of your snacks together can keep it consistent for your family and easier on you!





Make a designated place for all of your snacks. These pictures are an example of my snack basket. It’s a little low right now, but you get the idea. Other things that you might find in our snack basket would be applesauce, grapes put in snack bags, carrots put in snack bags, etc.


Yes, I just throw crackers in the fridge too. My kids don’t mind, it is SO nice to just have snacks all in one place. It’s so great that my 3 year old knows where to get a snack or I can tell him “Grab one from the basket” and he knows what I’m talking about. Not only can you can control what’s in the basket, but you can control serving sizes. My kids (or myself for that matter) don’t end up eating a whole box of crackers or so many carrots that they get a stomach ache.

My sister has her kids put all of their lunch prep in their basket so when they are packing lunches in the mornings the kids know right where to go to get their stuff pulled all together. GENIUS!



Snack bags were made for a reason. So were mini plastic containers. Use snack bags to get the perfect snack serving size without having to measure anything out. Those mini plastic containers are so perfect for packing dip for vegetables or peanut butter for apples for any on the go event. I’ll use these in car trips or for on the go lunches or snacks for my kids. Heck, they are even nice to have on hand for myself simply because it’s more convenient than getting the peanut butter out at the moment I want a snack!


Freeze grapes or other fruit in serving sized bags. I did a whole post on how to freeze a few different kinds of fruits. It’s really not hard, it just takes a little planning. Check it out HERE!

Freeze your string cheese so that when you pack it in the morning, it’s thawed out, but still cold by lunch time.


So just DECIDE! Take a little time to decide when you are going to put all of this stuff together. It will make your life easier, I promise. Doing it all at once only takes 15-30 minutes, depending on how big your family is or how long you want your snack basket to last. Sometimes making your life easier just takes a decision, a little planning, and an idea. I gave you the idea, now go for it!