Sweet and Crispy Tortillas

IMG_3308I had a surplus of tortillas left over from a family event, so I started to get creative on how I could use them. Yes I know you can freeze them to save them for later, and I did, but I wanted to use them! I was looking for something simple to bring to a potluck and felt the presence of all of those tortillas in my house. I was not about to roll a million wraps for a potluck! So I started making tortilla chips out of them to go along with my Pico de Gallo. I tasted a fried tortilla and suddenly my mind went back to my childhood. I loved melting butter over a tortilla and sprinkling it with cinnamon and sugar. I figured out what I was going to do with the tortillas! So I’m sharing it with you!

They were all eaten at the potluck by the way, so somebody liked them!!! Not to mention everyone in my family (myself included) kept eating them out of the bowl between batches while I was making them.

It’s really simple, and I’m not going to try to sell health on these either. They are just a fun, simple snack to make every once in a while.

Fill a medium size sauce pan with an inch or two of oil. Heat until ready to fry, add cut tortillas. (I used the small tortillas and they fit perfectly as you can see)


After that you simply toss them in a cinnamon and sugar mixture.

Serve them warm or cold. We loved this sweet, crunchy treat and hope you do too!

Sweet and Crispy Tortillas

by Becca F. Fillmore, dinnerforeveryone.com

Canola Oil

Small Tortillas

1/4 sugar

1 Tablespoon cinnamon

Put enough canola oil in a medium sized sauce pan  to fill it up 1-2 inches. Heat oil on medium heat until hot enough to fry (test this by putting a wooden spoon in the oil, touching the bottom of the pan, and if bubbles come out of the spoon it is ready for frying). Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a medium sized bowl while oil is heating. Slice tortillas into strips. Place tortilla strips into the hot oil, flipping them with tongs after 1-2 minutes. They will be golden brown when done. Put fried tortilla strips into the bowl with the cinnamon and sugar in it. Toss to lightly coat the strips with sugar mixture. Serve warm or cooled.